Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just get me new clothes

Let's not speak about what just happened.

This frozen strawberry is useless.

F these teeth.

Third child probz

Look what happened to me.  WHERE WERE YOU!?

Those are private.

You'd better not be posting my topless pics.

Must approve pictures in the future..

Just make sure I don't have a hair sticking up!

Don't make me repeat myself

I said don't touch my hand.

They're staying the night at Grandma and Pop Pop's house!


My First Halloween

Say 'BOO' again.


This is not what I asked for.


I get what you're saying, Veronica Roth, but I'm still not convinced Tris had to die in the end.

Not exactly a winning team..

WTF dad?

Enough with the screaming

Is it their bedtime yet?

Did she just sass me?

Girllll, hold my purse.

Always waiting my turn

Are you gonna dress me, Ma, or just let me sit here in my underpants?

My eyesight is ever improving.

Help me.  They're all crazy.